Family Day


Chat Productions: Chris Atkinson 
Chat Production is organizing a fun and engaging Massive Music Video Making event in Regina and Saskatoon for the public to participate in. This 60 minute event will include some set choreography to their new song "My Rainbow Dancing Shoes", some participant's original groovin moves, and of course the recording of lots of smiles and giggles of the registered participants. 

Costumes Displays: Joanna Vollhoffer & Celeste Pinder
There will be a variety of costumes and genres that are used in the film industry and they will be there to show off their wardrobe

Rockett’s Drone Services: Cody Crockett
Cody will be demonstrating with his indoor drones and will have the bigger outdoor drones for you to observe. Cody has the knowledge to help you understand how drones work in the Film industry.

Game Show Creator: Logan Manil
Logan will be bringing his creation of the game show he has in development for a few years, Hollywood Connections. He has modified it so even kids can join in. They will be asking for participants from the people at the expo. There will be prizes to be won but maybe not to the scale one would prefer!

Myriad Imaginations: Levi Mierau
Will be showcasing some of the smaller props. There will be a slide Show to watch!
Myriad Entertainment is a media production company with a focus on innovative and diverse creative works that will help foster and grow our local Saskatchewan film industry.

VR from Melcher Studios: Jack & Daniel Virtual Reality: They will be featuring Hockey VR & Shark Nato with the Virtual Reality system.

In Hall C at Prairieland Park in Saskatoon and in Small Theater at the Science Centre in Regina,  there will be movies and tv shows for kids of all ages to watch. A list will be on the website with showtimes (may vary).

Popcorn and a drink will be free while supplies last. One drink per person and must be accompanied with an adult.

SMPIA’s event is Free. Please read the restriction below:
When coming to the Science Centre in Regina please use the IMAX doors as the Science Centre charges for entry to their venue. If you would like to stay to see the other Science Centre Exhibits, you will need to pay an entry fee.

If attending in Saskatoon, we have a space in Hall D and SMPIA is having a Family Day with no charge. The SMPIA entrance in the same place as the Family Expo event.
If you would like more information about Family Expo Event in Saskatoon please go to their  website:

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